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  1. Intel 10th Gen PRICE DROP



    Has it been tough finding a Graphics card? Intel’s 10th Gen Processors (Comet Lake) have integrated graphics that can power a computer without a discrete graphics card.  

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  2. Let's Print! 3D printing and how technology has advanced.

    3D Printing is the wave of the future


    We all know that 3D printing is a new technology, was touted as the "new wave of the future", but it's not a common household object...yet. 3D printing has had an increase since COVID-19 spread throughout the world.

    In many countries, masks, visors, and other protective equipment have been on shortage for frontline workers. 3D printing has allowed those with printers to product multiple patterns and products. The same printer can produce different products using different files and materials, and simple parts can be made onsite quickly without the delay shipping time. Check out the visor top that one of our Santa Clara customers created using an Ender 3 Pro printer.

    3D printing is also being used to provide training and visual aids for healthcare workers in Singapore. The ability to replicate human anatomy in accurate models allows

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  3. Will working from home be the new normal?

    Will working from home be the new normal?

    Will working from home be the new norm? 

    Companies from all over the world are starting to offer remote or work from home options to keep their employees safe during this corona virus pandemic.  

    Modern tech has enabled companies to create more flexible working opportunities for their employees. Studies have shown that those who work remotely at least once a month are 24% more likely to be productive and 86% of people feel that working remotely reduces stress (not to mention reduce pollution from commuters). 

    Not Everyone Can Work From Home 
    Some people are now working remotely which has become a necessity to get the job done. In an article written by Michael Solomon and Rishon Blumberg, co-founders and managing partners of 10x Management, say the “future of work has arrived.” Patricia Strach, interim executive director at the Rockefeller Institute recently said that “this force

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