Is White the new Black? Shopping Guide for White PC Parts

White PC hardware and parts...that's the new beauty. An all-white build is an absolute unicorn right now with all of the PC part shortages. We curated a collection of products that will help your build shine bright. We've featured some of our favorites below, but check out the whole collection by clicking the button below.


Cases are probably the easiest part to get. Cases come in black or white and they're almost always available. It's all about your aesthetic here, so find one you like and get building! Four of our personal favorites are below.


Motherboards aren't pure white, so they're usually the piece of the puzzle that's going to be a compromise. Decide for yourself which mobo fits your rig's aesthetic.

Power Supplies

We don't have many PSUs that are white, but here are two from Corsair!

CPU Coolers

We love the white CPU coolers because they block off some of the motherboard (kind of kidding, but not really). The be quiet! air cooler is fantastic for air cooling and we love these Lian Li and Corsair White AIO Coolers...but they keep going out of stock. Currently we have the Corsair and ASUS AIO coolers available for online purchasing, but the Lian Li 240 Galahads are available in stores for local customers and our restock should be coming in soon.

RAM (Memory)

We ran out of our real RAM sticks with white casings. So we're going to leave the Corsair white RAM light kits here (no real memory inside).

Case Fans

If you're looking for white case fans, there are a TON of them. We have white case fans from CoolerMaster, Lian Li, and Corsair. The Lian Li UNI ARGB fans keep going out of stock as soon as we stock them, so if you're looking, keep your eyes peeled.

Power Extension Cables

We're including a few extras in here because you don't need them until you need them.

There's always more to find at Central Computers. Hopefully this guide gives you a taste of what's in stores. We're curating collections for Arctic White, Blackout, and RGB, so stay tuned for the shopping guides!