Data Rescue Service


Data Rescue

$29 Deposit for Estimation

We charge a $29 deposit for estimation and handling. This is non-refundable. The deposit amount goes towards the final cost of data rescue once we get the storage device.

We will perform the following procedures for each customer and each drive very carefully:

  1. We examine the damaged drive before we inform the customer about the estimated recovery possibility and price.
  2. Once we give you our price, we stand by it even if we underestimated the drive's damage and final costs exceed the estimate.
  3. We examine all possibilities before we determine that the data is unrecoverable and lost forever.

Once we finish this examination, we will contact you by phone and give you a price tag for the final service.

Data Rescue Process

If you decide to go through with the recovery process, you will need to place a deposit for half of the repair’s cost. The data rescue process usually takes 7 - 15 business days.

Depending on the urgency, we offer two levels of data rescue services:

- STANDARD: Data Rescue is performed during our regular business hours.

- EXPRESS: Data Rescue takes up to 72 hours. It starts immediately after we receive the broken device at our repair center and is performed 24/7 until we recover the data. We charge an additional 50% for express service. If we are unable to make it within 72 hours, you will only be charged regular price.

Where to Store Your Data

Once your data has been successfully recovered. you have two options:

  1. Providing us with a hard drive.
  2. Buying a new hard drive from us (Note: new drive must have equal or greater capacity than the original.)

You can pick up the hard drive with the recovered data at one of our 5 Bay Area stores.

Service Warranty

In the event that critical files are still missing or the files recovered are unusable and/or corrupted, we will redo the recovery attempt for no additional charge within 10 days of the pickup date.

Discount will apply for partial data recoveries due to unrecoverable damage to the media or other limiting factors. If the data recovery cannot be completed or all the files the customer was asking for at check in are corrupted and/or unusable. we will only keep the $29 deposit for the inspection.

Secure Data Deletion

The original drive will be kept at our Rescue center and wait for your confirmation. Once you have checked and confirmed that all of the recovered data is OK, any and all copies of your data will be permanently and securely erased from our servers. You can request to have the original drive back or we will destroy and recycle it.

Bring us your Drive

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