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Explore our services and pricing below to find the perfect solution for your PC needs:

Our stores are open for walk-in diagnostics and drop-offs, offering a comprehensive range of services including cleaning, diagnostics, installations, and much more. While we strive to provide prompt repairs, we can't guarantee on-the-spot fixes. For detailed service information, pricing, and estimated wait times, we encourage you to contact your local store.

General Desktop Repair



Diagnostic - A non-refundable fee to pinpoint necessary repairs. $29
Apple Diagnostic $79
Rush Service $75
Anti-Virus Software Add-on - Malwarebytes 3 device license + installation $49
General Rate (any non-listed services) $99/hr
Post Test:
Without purchase $49
If buying 1 item from us $39
If buying 2 items from us $29
If buying 3+ items from us FREE

Main Components Installation



CPU (Bundle with CPU Cooling Component for $20 Discount)

RAM $29
Motherboard $89
BIOS Update $39
GPU/NIC/Cards $29
PSU $49
+ Add-On: cable management + $39
Cable Management
Standard - Regular ATX Build without RGB Fan Controllers  $49
Advanced - Mini-ITX builds / RGB/Fan controller / >1 GPU, more than 2 SATA devices $79
CPU Cooling
CPU Air Cooler without backplate $39
CPU Air Cooler with backplate $49
CPU AIO Cooler $79

Cleaning & Maintenance



GPU Re-Paste (out-of-warranty GPUs only/additional cost for paste & pads)

+ Add-On: Thermal Paste + $3.99
+ Add-On: Thermal Pads + Price Varies
Surface Dust (No component removal) $39
Deep Clean (Components removal) $99

Software | OS | Malware



Software Optimization

Windows Password Removal - *Must have receipt or document in PC that references their name. $39

Virus/Malware Clean

($59 if no viruses are found)



OS Install
Windows $99
+ Add-On: User Data Transfer + $30
Mac/Linux (Ubuntu) $129
Install Small Apps or Internet Apps $29
Install Large SW with Configuration $69
Install Microsoft Office
without activation -*Requires Microsoft credentials $29
with activation - *Requires Microsoft credentials $29

Hardware Testing




RAM $29
Motherboard $49
GPU/NIC/Cards $29
PSU $29

Full System Builds



Standard (CPU Air Cooler)

Advanced (Mini-ITX case and/or RGB Controller) $139
Workstation/Server from $179
AIO Liquid Cooler (Cost may be higher for builds with more than the standard # of drives, fans, or other accessories, or for server builds) $40
OS Install (Not including the cost of license)
Windows $30
Ubuntu $50
Warranty Add-On:
Plan A: 1-Year Express Replacement Warranty
System Price ($0 - $1,000) $50
System Price ($1,001+) 5% of total
Plan B: 2 - Year Extended Labor Service
System Price ($0 - $1,000) $99
System Price ($1,001 - $3,000) $129
System Price ($3,001+) $169

Custom Liquid Cooling (Santa Clara Store Only)



Consultation - *Non-refundable, applies to build fee, 30 minutes + parts list

This service is temporarily unavailable
Soft Tubing - *CPU loop with 1 radiator; standard pump/res combo This service is temporarily unavailable
Hard Tubing - *CPU loop with 1 radiator; standard pump/res combo This service is temporarily unavailable
Repairs - *Repairs of any kind regarding custom liquid cooling This service is temporarily unavailable
Loop Flush (additional cost for coolant) This service is temporarily unavailable
Distribution Block Installation This service is temporarily unavailable
 GPU Block Installation & Integration w/ Loop This service is temporarily unavailable
 Additional Radiator Installation This service is temporarily unavailable

Data | Clone | Backup



Clone Drive

Data Backup or Recovery
29GB $29
30 - 99GB $59
100 - 250GB $99
250GB $129
+ For every additional 100GB over 250GB + $29
Deleted File Recovery $200
RAID Setup $49
USB/SD Recovery $39
Wipe HDD $29
Partition Rebuild same as data backup

Why Choose Central Computers?

  • Experience: With a legacy dating back to 1986, we boast extensive expertise in building and repairing computers.
  • Affordability: Benefit from our competitive rates, made possible by the high volume of repairs we handle across our five Bay Area locations.
  • Convenience: Our strategic presence in San Mateo, Santa Clara, Sunnyvale, Newark, and San Francisco ensures accessibility for all your tech needs.

Repair Policy

  • To initiate a repair, a $29 non-refundable deposit is required. This deposit is deducted from the final repair cost. Please note, flat rates do not apply to LCD, battery, motherboard replacements, or special order parts. If your device necessitates a new motherboard or LCD screen, we'll provide a quote for your approval before proceeding with the repair.

3-Month Warranty

Our repair warranty addresses two scenarios:

  1. If the original issue reoccurs due to replaced components, both parts and labor are covered at no extra charge.
  2. If the original issue resurfaces but is unrelated to the replaced components, labor is covered, while parts will require payment.
    For all other issues, both parts and labor costs apply.

Additional Note: For liquid spill damages, we offer a 1-week warranty, even if the damage is repairable.

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