Nvidia 30 Series Information

Update: Thursday, September 17, 2020


  1. All customers, please be aware that all 5 stores have not received stock of the RTX 3080 video cards. We have orders placed but we haven't received updates on them.
  2. We are not offering pre-orders, deposits, or waitlists for these cards due to high demand and low stock.
  3. When we receive stock, we will be prioritizing IN-STORE, LOCAL PICK-UP customers until the shortage is over. After that, we will list these online for shipping/delivery.
  4. It will be on shortage for the first 30 days across ALL RETAILERS. We will update the alert list if any stock becomes available.
  5. The most reliable way to get information about stock or availability on the Nvidia 30 series releases is through the alert list - not by calling our stores, asking on social media, or other forms of communication. The most reliable way is by signing up for this email list by clicking on the button below or going to this link http://zc.vg/RZy7X.

Additional Information:

We still have not received any of our allocation of Nvidia RTX 30-Series GPU’s. We are on the allocation list but this does not guarantee supply from distributors, who have not been providing information in a complete or helpful way. We still don’t know exactly how many we are getting, when, and of which model.

This morning, in a rush to update our home page banner to let people know that we have not gotten stock yet, we mistakenly used the phrasing “Sold Out.” Please rest assured, if you are on the e-mail Alert List, that we did NOT receive any stock and sell it without notifying the list. We just phrased that banner poorly and it is now corrected. We apologize for any confusion or dismay this might have caused.

When we do receive supply to sell, we will do it in an organized way that also is mindful of the health and safety of our customers and staff. We will announce a day/time via our Alert List to show up and enter a raffle to buy the cards we have to sell. People will need to show up in person and during a short time window of 10-15 minutes, so that we can give priority to local customers who are committed. But not have to waste time lining up hours in advance, and also potentially compromising health and safety.

We are very sorry for not being able to give you better information of when we can sell these GPU’s. This launch has been the most highly-anticipated product launch we’ve seen in our 35 years of doing business. Bigger than Windows XP or 7, bigger than Pentium 4. We are trying to handle this as best and as fairly as we can. We appreciate any patience you can extend us. We’re excited for this too, and can’t wait to get GPU’s in your hands.


When are you getting the Nvidia 30 series video cards?
Right now, all we know that the stock is going to be extremely restricted upon launch. And we know that we are being included amongst Nvidia partners on the list for exclusive access during the first two weeks of launch. But this does not guarantee us a specific number of units. Whatever we are able to get will be extremely limited, relative to demand.

When are you getting the 3070/3080/3090 video cards?
Each model launches on a different day. Here's the list:

RTX 3080 launches on September 17
RTX 3090 launches on September 24
RTX 3070 launch is TBD (but rumors and past experiences make us think mid-October)

How much will the 3070/3080/3090 be?
Unfortunately, we don't know yet. The final costs depends on a number of factors, so it's hard to calculate without knowing what our stock and cost will be.

What video card brands will you have?
Stock is a definite mystery right now, but we usually get ASUS and EVGA GPUs at launch. Once more information is available, we'll let you know.

How many 3070/3080/3090 cards will I be able to buy?
While supply of these cards is highly constricted, purchases of these cards will be limited to one per customer.

Will you be getting Nvidia Founder Edition cards?
The Founders Edition cards are going to be exclusive to the Nvidia site for this series. So, unfortunately, we won't be able to get the Nvidia Founders Edition but you can sign up for notifications through Nvidia's site: https://www.nvidia.com/en-us/geforce/graphics-cards/30-series/

Is there a pre-order / waitlist / deposit?
No, unfortunately, we're not doing a pre-order or online order for in-store pickup (yet). These will be in-store purchase only until the shortage is over.

Can I special order?
We're not doing special orders until the stock is easier to secure.

Is Central Computers participating in the Watch Dogs: Legion video card bundle?
Yes! Here's the landing page: https://www.centralcomputer.com/nvidia-30-bundle

Can I order a 3070/3080/3090 to be shipped to me?
We want to serve all of our customers but, because the stock is extremely limited, we will be serving our local Bay Area customers first. We will not be shipping any of these cards until stock is much less constricted.

How will the alert for the in-person raffles work?
When there is an alert, we will try to provide decent advance notice, hopefully next day, but at least several hours…and then the time window to enter the drawing will be 10-15 minutes long. For example, we send out an e-mail at 3pm on Monday to come on Tuesday between 10:00 and 10:15am to enter drawing for X cards.

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