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In-store Custom PC Build

Each store has different techs with different specialties. Some stores have techs who specialize in enthusiast-level builds (custom water cooling, RAID, open case, etc). Please call your local store to see what the wait time and what your options are if you're looking for a special build.


For most common PC builds...

Description Price
Build fee - this is the base price for building a computer complete with OS installation. Special builds and extra requests may cost more. Parts are not included in this cost. starts at $99



Can I bring in my own parts for you to build?

Yes! We don't provide a warranty on the parts since they were purchased elsewhere, but we do build for you. The build fee starts at $79 (special builds and extra requests may cost more). You can bring in all of the parts or buy them from our stores.

What is the typical build time for assembly and delivery after I complete my purchase?

The assembly time is typically 3 to 4 days for a custom desktop with an additional 24 hour burn test. All together, it can take a maximum of 5 days (but it usually takes less).

What is a "24 hour burn test"?

This is a test that runs your computer at maximum stress levels for 24 hours. This test proves to us that your parts are all working well and won't break down as soon as you take it home.

Can I ask for special instructions or special builds?

We have build custom systems with custom water cooling, multiple hard drives, RAID setups, and other specialties in the past. These builds are more complicated and can require special knowledge so the labor cost will be higher than the standard build fee. Some stores have technicians who are more experienced in some of these builds than others, so call your local store to find out details and get a quote today.

Do you have a rush service?

Our rush fee is an additional $49. This rush fee does not guarantee a build date, but moves your system to the front of the line as the next system to be started.

What if there's a problem with my build after I bring it home?

Our technicians are available 7 days a week. You can call any of our stores and speak to a technician on the spot and, if it's a simple issue, they can help you troubleshoot over the phone. Otherwise, bring your computer to any store and we'll take a look at it.



Custom PC Build Gallery

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Standard Warranty for Custom Built PC's

  • 30 day defective exchange on parts.
  • 1 year labor warranty if related to hardware issues.
  • 1 year warranty/RMA service on hardware issues.

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