400 Points Medium Breadboard8.3x5.5x0.85cm White
Model #: KUONGR21 Item #: DIY-KUONGR21
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400 Points Medium Breadboard8.3x5.5x0.85cm White

General Information
Description 400 Points Medium Breadboard8.3x5.5x0.85cm White
Color White
  1. It is easy to use for soldering and manual routing, inserting components into holes to test circuits and components.
  2. In addition, the test points and ground terminals in the circuit are preferably taken out for measurement. Otherwise, the instrument's probe is directly connected to the component pins, which may cause the component pins to become loose.
  3. The conductive metal strip on the back of the breadboard is connected to a plurality of metal sockets, and the metal socket corresponds to the small hole in the front, so be careful when using the breadboard. When inserting the component feet into the hole, the component feet must be inserted into the bottom (you need to use tweezers. Especially when inserting the integrated block into the breadboard, it is easy to loosen. In this case, the pins will loosen. The two rows integrate these blocks. Can be close to each other. Press down to firmly insert into the hole.
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400 Points Medium Breadboard8.3x5.5x0.85cm White is available to buy in increments of 1