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In-Home Services

Computer support at your home

Call 1-888-880-CENT(2368) 

Our hourly rate for in-home service is $159 per hour.
If you are within 10 miles of us, we charge a travel fee of $29. For every additional 5 miles, we add a $5 travel fee (for example, if you are 20 miles away, we charge $39).

Our in-home service refers to consumer level support. Business customer rates are different, please visit our business IT support page for business rates.

To book an IT in-home Appointment, please email [email protected]

*$29 travel fee within 10 miles (+$10/addl 10 miles) In home service refers to consumer level support. Business customer rates are different, please click here for Small Business / Enterprise IT Services

Security System Installation

Surveillance Cameras
Powerful security with the click of a mouse

Our business class computer based security camera systems give you the ability to secure and manage your business with great ease and efficiency. Easy to use software that you can use to access any video or data you need with the click of a mouse. Powerful because there are many great features such as remote viewing which allow you to see the video on any computer that is connected to the internet. You can be at home or on vacation and still see what is happening at your office.

-  Retail Store
-  Office
-  Warehouse

-  Video stored on hard drive. Can be burned, stored, transferred, or backed up to multiple media
-  Remote Access. View and manage video from remote computers.
-  Real-time recording and playback. Can watch past video while the system is recording.
-  Scheduling option. Can set to record during certain hours, days, or only when motion occurs.
-  Easy Search. Video is organized and separated very well so it is quick to find the video you are looking for
-  Up to 32 Video Channels

Contact Us for a Free Estimate: [email protected] or 1-888-880-CENT
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