RTX 4090 (11/23/2022 Update)

All of our RTX 4090 GPUs will be available for sale (in-store) on Black Friday Sale starting Friday (11/25). 

We will have a limited qty of RTX 4090 cards at each store on 11/25 Black Friday. Each store will have a mix of Asus, MSI, Gigabyte, and PNY cards.

Due to limited stock, we have decided to prioritize our local customers first to ensure everyone has a fair chance of purchasing an RTX 4090 GPU. We hope to get more stock soon so we can open all RTX 4090s to our online customers as well. 

We appreciate your patients with us as we do our best to fulfill the demands for RTX 40 Series GPUs.

RTX 4080 (11/25/2022 Update)

We are excited to announce that all of our RTX 4080 GPUs* are now available for online shipping as well as in-store pickup online (and store walk-ins).

Shop all our RTX 4080 GPUs here! (https://www.centralcomputer.com/catalogsearch/result/index/?cat=55&q=rtx+4080)

*except for the Asus TUF Gaming RTX 4080

PSU Power Requirements

We hightly recommend using an ATX 3.0 PSU to power your RTX 4090 GPU. While many ATX 3.0 PSUs won't be available till December or Janurary of next year, we do have one model currently available (SilverStone HA850R-PM; POWSILHA850R).

Otherwise, we hightly recommend following the PSU table as well as the recommendations by your particular GPU manufacturers, to ensure minimal issues when using your new RTX 4090 GPU.

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