RTX 4090 (2/27/2023 Update)

Various RTX 4090 models are now in stock. (Be aware, stock level changes frequently)

If the "add to cart" button is disabled, that means the model is out of stock.

If you are interested in purchasing a fully built system with a model that is out of stock, we will put you on a prioritized waitlist for when the next shipment arrives.

PSU Power Requirements


We highly recommend using ATX 3.0 PSUs or 12VHPWR Power Cables to power your RTX 4080 or RTX 4090 GPU. Click on the button below to see our ATX 3.0 PSUs and ATX 3.0 Accessories!


Please see the following PSU table below to ensure stable power for your system when using your new RTX 4080 or RTX 4090 GPU.


Intel i5

AMD Ryzen 5

Intel i7

AMD Ryzen 7

Intel i9

AMD Ryzen 9

Intel HEDT

AMD ThreadRipper

RTX 4090 850W 1000W 1000W 1200W
RTX 4080 750W 750W 850W 1000W
RTX 4070 Ti 650W 750W 750W 850W

*For RTX 40 series GPUs there is a 1-per-customer limit every 30 days with the exceptions on certain custom or pre-configured systems.

This is to allow more customers able to purchase an RTX 40 series GPU.

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