Gift Guide 2018


Corsair HS50 Stereo Gaming Headset

There is beauty in simplicity. The Corsair HS50 Gaming Headset has fantastic build quality. Most headsets use plastic, aluminum, or other lower quality materials. The HS50 uses metal components to provide comfort and longer-lasting headsets. You've heard of memory foam in mattresses, the material that conforms to your shape? Well, Corsair put it in their headset. This headset won't squeeze your head or cause any headaches.



corsair headset

Coolermaster MasterKeys Lite L Combo

Coolermaster has RGB lighting effects built into their keyboard and mouse so they look good while playing better. With Coolermaster's special Mem-chanical switches, they'll feel the difference in their fingertips. Longer-lasting, better clicks, and compatible with keycaps (if they want to decorate). It's the perfect keyboard for someone who wants to try mechanical keyboards, but can't quite justify the price. Not only that, but this keyboard has dedicated media keys that help your gamer control volume while in-game. If you're tired of hearing, "I'm in the middle of a game, I can't hear you!" then this may help. A little bit. No guarantees.

This mouse shows off with a DPI button (lets your gamer control the mouse sensitivity), Scroll button, and Light controls (for the RGB effects and an on/off switch). With all of this, who doesn't need another keyboard and mouse?



Corsair Gaming Double-sided Aluminum Mousepad

Not every mousepad is created equal. Corsair's MM600 Aluminum mousepad allows gaming mice to slide across with the speed and accuracy needed to do the Floss and get the drop on all the other players. Any gamer who plays competitive games (Fortnite, League of Legends, Battlefield, etc) will appreciate a nice smooth surface with rubber grips to keep your mouse steady while your brain works overtime.

Mousepad? More like the foundation for the perfect round.



Custom Gaming PCs

Custom Gaming PCs

If you really, REALLY love your gamer, you'll get them a fantastic gaming PC. Our 5 stores carry a variety of gaming PCs from budget PCs to high-end (and by high-end, I mean spend as much as you can to futureproof this computer for the next 15 years). We can build one to your exact specs (or the specs your giftee conveniently left on your desk) or we have knowledgeable sales associates who can make recommendations based on what you want the computer to do. It's as easy as asking "what PC build will let me play Fortnite without lagging?" Custom PCs can take 3 to 5 business days to build, but we have one or two computers that are ready to pick up at every store.


Comkia H200 Headphones

It's music to my ears. Looking for something fun for a stocking stuffer? The last $5 for your White Elephant? These headphones have surprisingly good quality for a headset under $10. Aluminum build, plastic, with some comfortable padding on the band and ears makes these headphones perfect to keep in the car, at the office, or to take travelling! You don't need to worry about leaving it behind because it's not the $700 custom headset molded to fit your head with gold and platinum braided cords. It's perfect as a backup.




Comkia B30 Bluetooth Speaker

Bluetooth speakers have been in and out of trend. We personally LOVE bluetooth speakers here, but whenever we take it somewhere for a party, we always forget it. After leaving five $30 BT speakers, we've looked for an acceptable, cheaper version of the speaker we can take somewhere and not worry about losing it every time. (We're also looking for a solution to scatter-brain, but without luck).

This round speaker is small and easy to take around. Despite its small stature, it has loud volume! It's perfect for playing DJ at your neighbor's pool party, friends' birthday parties, family Christmas parties...pretty much anywhere that has background music. This speaker is a great gift for coworkers, friends, and family.



UrbanEars Bluetooth Earbuds

These Jakan UrbanEars earbuds are a brand-new product (for us). They've got 12 hours of wireless playtime with a convenient fit. Charcoal black color means it's low-profile and sleek. There's a control knob that lets you control volume and calls without touching your phone. The magnetic earbuds let you connect around your neck, lowering the chance of them falling off when they aren't in use.

The audio plays using bluetooth...and the bass is fantastic. These premium earbuds are a fantastic gift for the audiophile in your life.



This product is available in stores, but is unfortunately not online right now.

UrbanEars earbuds

Apple World

Unitek Type-C hub

The MacBooks have been going USB-C and we know it's been hard. USB-C isn't universally accepted as a standard yet, so the only hubs available are Apple hubs. Not that Apple isn't great, but they're definitely not going to be included in White Elephant (under $30). This beautiful type-c hub has a microSD card reader (for your media player, switch, or camera), USB-C, and --- ports. It's perfect for all of your media needs.



Tablet stand

Tablet Stand

Apple fans, I know it's not specific enough, but this is elegant and minimal. it's right in that design aesthetic. These stands can be used for anything. They're advertised for use with iPads, phones, and other tech, which is PERFECT for cooking during the holiday season. It's much easier to wipe off an iPad than a cookbook (goodbye rippled paper!). However, you can use them to display books, photo frames, whiteboards, and even products.



3 in 1 (lightning, microUSB, and type-C) Cable

Sometimes you just need more than one cable in your life. iPhones need lightning, your power bank needs microUSB, and it's just annoying to have six cables for your car. We like to have one of these in the office so our Android friends can use the USB-C, iPhone buddies use the lightning, and random devices (headphones, power banks, and chargers) use microUSB. This particular one is for one person at a time, but we have others that let you plug in two or more for those times when you have to share the wall plug.



3 in 1 usb cable

Phone cases starting at $2.95


Car Charger (for the Backseat)

I know, "EVERYONE has a car charger." I understand. But do you have a car charger for your passengers in the backseat? No?

This charger puts out 2.4A per port (which is awesome for those android phone users with quick-charge) and there are four ports. Two ports for the front, two for the back. When you head out for your road trip, you'll never have to ask the rest stop if they have a plug. Also comes with a headrest mount, in case your seats don't have that convenient pocket.



Backseat car charger
wireless fast charging base

Comkia Wireless Fast-Charging Base

Fast charging. Because nobody's got time to wait for REGULAR charging. The new iPhones and most Android phones have quick-charging! We have a moment of silence for those of you who had Windows phones with wireless charging...

This wireless fast-charging base is made of metal and glass, which looks beautiful and is built to last longer than your one-year jump program. Compatible with all the phones, Qualcomm quick-charging, and standard fast charging.



Romoss 7000mAh Power Bank

A standard phone is about 3500mAh. This power bank will charge a standard phone to 100% twice! The small size, the flashlight icon that tells you how much power is used, and two ports (one is a 2.1A, one is 1A) is a fairly standard power bank. The genius is that this one is under $15. Never run out of battery again! Give it to your friend who always runs out of battery and asks to call an Uber using your phone (and your card). This is the perfect stocking stuffer.



power bank

For everyone else there's...stuff!

USB Flex Light

Give the gift of light! This is a fun gift. This lamp is a single lightbulb attached to a flexible neck. The bulb has 6 LEDs so it's BRIGHT. It plugs straight into a USB port and adds a little bit of light to your dark corner. It's a fun stocking stuffer for your coworkers. Tell them you thought they needed a tan.



flex light
tool kit

Comkia 54 in 1 toolkit

Everyone needs a good toolkit. This 54 in 1 toolkit has bits and sockets for everything you could possibly need. Under $20 means this is a great While Elephant gift if you can't think of anything else. When people hit the second or third decade of life, gifts start to get pretty mundane. This is something standard, mundance, but also a pretty amazing gift.



TP-Link Kasa Smart Light Bulb (multicolor)

Need a new light bulb? Smart light bulbs are fantastic for those of us who hate getting out of bed to turn off the light. It started with the Clap on, clap off lights and has evolved to be controlled using your phone. Change the color, dim the light, turn it off, turn it on, all using one app. Mood lighting is easy with the multicolor smart bulb.

Nice gift for anyone who admires smart technology but would truly never use a smart home hub/speaker like Amazon Alexa or Google Home.



smart light bulb

laptop riser

Aluminum Laptop Stand

Using a laptop can cause neck pain, bad posture, and other issues when using it on your desk. Lifting up your laptop using this riser can be the difference between looking slightly down and being at the right height. This stand, made using aluminum, is sleek and strong. The minimal design matches Apple. 



SanDisk 256GB microSDXC

For Android phones and other media devices, memory is key. Being able to increase memory with a switch of the card is the perfect way to stay relevant. SanDisk is the manufacturer that Nintendo licensed to create the official Switch microSD cards (love the mushroom on the card). If Nintendo sponsored it, it's worth the switch. The 256GB means it's easy to put movies, games, pictures, contacts, and even backup your documents onto your phone (if you really really need to).

The high volume means it's a premium item for this list, but we have other sizes. Not everyone needs 256GB.



sandisk microSDXC

If you didn't find it here, you can find it in our stores. We've got tons of other products in our stores. We know the guide is a little unorganized, a little crazy, weird, strange...but that's why you come to Central Computers! We also offer giftcards to use in-stores for your local friends who want computer parts or who like to shop for themselves. It's a great alternative and it means you don't have to shop for another person.

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