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DIY or Prebuilt

We are one of the few places that can offer a full range of parts for DIY’ers and also offer fully built systems. With wide selection of products and expert staff, we make sure you get the right components for your machine.

Why Choose Us?


1000’s of items and brands. High end, affordable, colorful, understated, we have all the options for you to make your unique build.


Have our technicians build it for you to get professional grade assembly, cable management and lighting.


We spend the time to meticulously go over every choice with you so we tailor it to your personal style and budget.


We never pressure people. You may need several discussions to get comfortable with what you want, and that is totally fine with us.

In-Store Experience

Sometimes, you need to see it before deciding. With our huge variety of products being displayed, you can see and touch the products before making the purchase decision. That is why we have 5 store around the Bay Area for you to visit!

System Showcase

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Preconfigured System

Just want to buy now and not have to think too hard? Pick a preconfigured system.


Customizable Systems

Want some customization options but not too many options? Pick from our customizable systems.

Price Table


Standard Installation



Advanced Installation

- ITX Builds
- RGB Config Builds[1]



- 2+ GPU Install
- RAID Configs
- Rackmount Servers


CPU Air Cooler
RAM (Memory)
GPU (Graphics Card)
Storage (SSD/HDD)
PSU (Power Supply)


24Hr Stress Test
Local Support*


Window OS Installation + $30
Linux Installation + $50
CPU AIO Cooler + $40

[1] When the PC build contains RGB controllers.

How can I get a quote for a new computer?

We're excited to be part of your custom system journey!
Fill this questionnaire and get a quote within 1 day.
Also, if you are local, you can visit our store to get a 1 on 1 concierge consultation to get a quote.
Once you agree to a final design, you place a 50% deposit to start, and 50% upon pickup.
It takes 3-7 days to finish a build (depending on parts availability)
You can also browse our preconfigured ( and customizable preconfigured ( systems. These are good if you just want to get a rough idea of prices or if you want to simplify the process and not have to make too many decisions.

How much does your build services cost?

$99 for computers with CPU Air coolers.
$139 for computers with AIO liquid coolers
Add $30 for Windows 10 installation (doesn't include a cost of license)
(These prices cover the majority of cases, however servers and more labor intensive computers may be more)

Do you provide services to build a computer?

Yes! Building computers is one of our specialties! You can buy parts and have us build them, or you can bring your own parts.

Can I bring in my own parts and have Central Computer build it?

Yes! You can bring your own parts. We will have to make sure the parts are functioning properly before accepting it.

How does payment work?

If you are buying the parts from us, you will need to pay at least 50% as a deposit and pay the rest when you pick up. You can pay more than 50% if you want, but you do not have to. You can pay in store or we can email you a website link to make the deposit. If you only having us build, but you are not buying products from us, you pay a $29 deposit, and pay the rest when you pick up.

How long does it takes to build a computer?

The build time is around 3 - 5 business days when we have all the parts ready to start the build process.

What is the process to build?

One of our technicians will be assigned to build a computer. We will also perform a stress test to make sure the parts are good.

Do you provide warranty for the computer?

Yes, we provide 1 year of labor warranty on top of the products' own warranty. You can bring it back and we do an inspection free of charge. We will fix the problem if it is related to a defective part. (Software issues (ex: virus) are not covered and if the problem is a software problem we will quote you to fix it.)

Do I need to make an appointment?

Appoinment is not required. You drop in, call or email us anytime.

If the graphics card is out of stock, how does the system build order work?

There is a shortage on graphics cards, so we are often out of stock. However, we will give priority to customers who have placed a deposit for full system builds. Once you confirm the order and make the standard 50% deposit, you will be placed on the waitlist and will be served according to your place in line. We will notify you when there is a graphics card allocated to your build. Wait times can vary, so you must ask us at the time of purchase for an estimate. Because of frequent price changes, we cannot offer price protection of the price of the card increases between the time you pay the deposit and when the card comes in. However, you have the option to cancel the order. Wait times generally range from 4 days to 3 weeks, but this can vary significantly depending on that specific time, filand the specific model you choose.